Video Group Consultations


Patient Feedback


"Initially sceptical of this type of consultation but found it very informative and recieved a detailed consultation which I was worried about not recieving"




What is the purpose of video group consultations?

Video group consultations are a way for you to join people with similar health issues and consult with your a facilitator and nurse for longer. People who have participated in face to face group clinics say that they enjoy hearing from other people in a similar situation and having longer to talk about their worries. Patients have said they enjoy sharing their concerns, what has worked for them and what doesn’t but also hearing from other people’s success; feeling a sense of belonging and that they are no longer alone in trying to manage their condition such as asthma, diabetes or COPD.


What happens in a group clinic?

A typical clinic will last around 60 minutes. You will be greated by a trained facilitator who will support the session, set it up and help with any technical issues.
You will be able to review and discuss the results you have agreed to share such as blood pressure, peak flow etc and come up with questions for your clinician who will join the group and have one to one consultations with each member. During this time people often join in and share ideas and problem-solve together.
The facilitator will wrap at around an hour and you might want to set goals for yourself. Following the group you may want to make a one to one appointment to go through anything you didn’t want to share in the group situation or your clinician may want to arrange follow-up tests or referrals. 


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How Do I Join a Group Consultation?

You will need an email account and access to the internet in a private place and a video camera (mobiles and tablets will suffice). You will not require to download any special programs (unless using mobile or tablet) as you will be sent a link to click on to access Microsoft Teams. To get the most out of the group clinic we reccomend using a laptop with a camera.
Once you have recieved the link via email, please ensure that you check your personal privacy settings and also our privacy notice relating to the care that we are providing. 
Always join a clinic 10 minutes prior to the start time so that the facilitator can assist in any technical issues that may occur.