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Below you will find multiple sources of information to help support your child into their teenage years..


Skin Conditions in Children

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Meningitis Help

Types of Skin Conditions

Childhood rashes are common and aren't usually a cause for concern. Most rashes are harmless for your child and will heal on their own without treatment. In some cases, however, you will need to take your child to see the GP so they can investigate if your child also seems unwell. 

Although we recommend seeing the GP for a proper diagnosis, the most common rashes in children are...


Danger Signs

Over the years, meningitis is becoming less common. However, it is still important to be aware of any signs and symptoms of meningitis alongside symptoms of sepsis.

Childrens Mental Health

Three children in every class have a diagnosable mental health problem. Half of all mental health problems are established by the age of 14. 1 in 8 children and young people experience emotional or behaviour difficulties whilst growing up. Some of these issues resolve for the child over time, whilst others will need support from a professional.


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SIGNS of something wrong 

  • Big changes in behaviour
  • Struggling with sleep
  • Withdrawing/isolating from social situations
  • Not interested in the usual liked activities
  • Self harming 
  • Lashing out

WHAT can be done to help?

  • Listen to your child
  • Introduce journalling
  • Show interest in their hobbies and encourage them
  • Introduce routine
  • Always take them seriously without judgement
  • Speak to us for further support on 01342 327555



We have links to lots of excellent resources specific to asthma in children. 


Immunisation Information

Vaccination is the best way to protect you, your child, and those around you from serious and potentially deadly diseases. To find out more about how vaccines work, please view the information at the links below. 

Children need to have different vaccinations at different ages, keeping your child up to date with their immunisations will help to protect them when they need it most. 
Below, we have links to the vaccination schedules for children, detailing which vaccinations your child will be receiving, and what illnesses they are protecting your child against. 

If you have decided not to vaccinate your child,  we are now required to have written documentation of your wishes.

To opt your child out of having their childhood immunisations, please complete the form to the right. Once submitted we will be able to register your decision in our clinical system.

HEALTHY Child Programme 0-5 Years

The Healthy Child Programme (HCP) 0-5 years' service is the universal evidence-based public health & screening programme for families with children up to Five Years. 

Support can be offered for the following:

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  • Enhanced support for "baby and me" (basic needs, bonding, and parenting support - for families with identified vulnerability).
  • Infant Feeding and breast-feeding advice and support Review and assessment of growth (over and underweight concerns)
  • Sleep Routines
  • Maternal Mental Health (where perinatal mental health issues are impacting on bonding & attachment, and are affecting the wellbeing of the infant).
  • Healthy eating & eating behaviour.
  • Supporting a child's development
  • Enhanced support for vulnerable families by establishing routines and boundaries. 
  • Continence Pathway
  • Support for parents who have suffered a previous sudden & unexpected death in infancy
  • Young Parents Pathway (for vulnerable young parents requiring additional support).

Parents can contact the team directly by calling the Mid Sussex Duty Line 01273 242004 which is open Monday to Friday 09.00-16.30 or by texting Parentline, an anonymous texting service, on 07312 277163

You can text Parentline at any time and they will return your all within 24 hours Monday to Friday 9am-4.30 except for bank holidays and weekends. 

Hard of hearing 

Causes of hearing problems in children can be due to an infection, glue ear, exposure to loud noise or due to genetic reasons. 

What can I do to support my child?

Listen, Spend time playing and talking/signing, Incorporate daily routines to help them hear, games, rhymes and songs, Check hearing aids daily, Respond by smiling and talking, Learn Makaton


Level 1 Makaton Class  Facebook  Special Families Makaton Tutor

Other Resources and Information



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