Gluten Free

Coeliac disease 


If you've received a medical diagnosis of coeliac disease, it means that your immune system is responding negatively to gluten and causing damage to your intestines. The best way to improve your condition is to eliminate gluten from your diet, as it is the only effective treatment for coeliac disease.


It is important to also note some individuals prefer to go gluten free through choice. The following advice applies to both categories.



On the gluten free diet you can eat any naturally gluten free foods, such as:

  • meat
  • fish
  • fruit 
  • vegetables
  • rice
  • potatoes
  • lentils.



There is a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that are gluten-free.

  • fruit juice
  • flavoured water
  • fizzy drinks
  • cider
  • wine
  • sherry
  • spirits
  • port
  • liqueurs.

We understand, gluten free products can be expensive. Please fill out a prescription request for gluten free foods. 

Last updated : 20/05/24