Limited Phlebotomy Appointments

Please beware that due to increasing demand for blood tests, there is currently a 3 week waiting list for a blood test appointment at Moatfield Surgery and also at the Queen Victoria Hospital phlebotomy department.


We are all working extremely hard to provide appointments for you but we are struggling to meet the increasing number of requests to perform blood tests on behalf of your hospital specialists. Ideally, all blood tests requested by the hospital teams should be taken in that hospital’s own phlebotomy department with the forms provided by your specialist. That way, the correct tests are done in the right place and, most importantly, the results go directly to the clinician who needs to see them.


We appreciate that this may sometimes mean a visit to the hospital but it also means that your tests will be done in a timely fashion without placing additional pressure on the local GP services and your specialist will always have access to the results without the need for you to collect paper copies or for them to be manually sent on by GP staff.


We very much appreciate your understanding and help with this matter.

Published: Jun 4, 2019