COVID-19 Vaccination

Revised 26/04/2021 14:30


Vaccine Update 

We are still awaiting instructions on inviting remaining patient cohorts in for their 1st COVID vaccination. When instructed, we will continue to invite patients in via text message. If you are eligable for the vaccine, we encourage you to book your vaccine through the mass vaccination centers. 


Moatfield are not inviting patients for their second vaccination. This process has been handed over to an organisation within the NHS. They have been inviting patients in for their 2nd Vaccination and will continue to do so. When you receive your text message inviting you in for your 2nd vaccine, please do not call the surgery as we will not be able to assist you.


If you're unsure as to whether the surgery have the correct contact information for you, please email in your up to date information:


We have sucsessfully vaccinated all of our coded housebound patients. 


Please do not visit the vaccination centre unless you have an appointment. You will be turned away.


All local vaccinations are being held at Meridian Hall, East Court, College Lane, East Grinstead, RH19 3LT.


Please be patient. We are working in line with the governments adivce and we will ensure nobody will be missed out.


Please do not call the surgery directly as we will not be able to assist. Calling us about the COVID-19 vaccine (unless invited) will prevent phone lines being available for people with medical needs and other queries which. This is vital so that our patients who need our services are still able to access them. 


The CCG (Clinical Commissionings Groups) have set up a dedicated inbox for enquiries about the vaccination programme, we ask that you please direct any queries you may have to this email address rather than contacting the Surgery –


As always, the NHS will NEVER:

• Ask people for their bank account or card details

• Ask people for their pin or banking password

• Ask people to prove their identity by sending copies of personal documents such as your passport, driving licence, bills or pay slips

If anyone believes they are a victim of fraud or identify theft they should report this directly to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.


National Letters

We are aware that some of our patients are starting to receive letters from the national vaccination booking system. The letters are labelled only from the NHS and invites you to book your vaccination appointment. These letters are offering the opportunity to book an appointment at one of the larger vaccination centres, such as Crawley Hospital, the Brighton Centre or a local pharmacy. You cannot book at our vaccination service through this system.


Our vaccination service in East Grinstead (The Meridian Hall) is working alongside these other services. You have a choice where you receive your vaccination – at our service, at a larger vaccination centre like Crawley or at a local pharmacy service.


We apologise if this has caused any confusion to our patients. Although, better to receive two invites then none at all!


Useful Links:


We thank you for your understanding and cooperation throughout this pandemic. Your continued support and community spirit is what keeps us working hard.


Published: Jan 1, 2021