The Surgery provides a range of private services in addition to NHS services. Patients are advised that these charges are payable in advance of any requests being actioned.  


Fitness to travel/fly/go on cruise £50
Letter = "needs drugs for travel" £50
Holiday Cancellation Certificate or Letter £50
other Prescriptions for travel £25
Camp America Form (no examination) £45
Camp America Form (with examination) £100
Travel Pack £30
Travel Vaccines -some are covered by the NHS some are not - discuss this at your travel clinic appointment   

Sick Notes and Certificates

Private Sick Note £25
Letter to confirm Sickness £40
letter = unfit to go to DSS/Job Seekers medical exam £40
unfit to attend court on medical grounds - short letter £40

Sports etc

Shotgun Certificate £60
Diving form/short letter £45
Diving = PADI Medical (shorter examination) £100
Diving = Full Medical £150
Sports = Fitness to engage in (no examination) £40
Sports = Medicals with Report (shorter examination) £100
Sports = Full Medical £150
Fitness to Attend Gym/Sports Club or Cancellation of same £40
Parachute = "Solo Student declaration of fitness" £40
Parachute = Full Medical £150

Driving & Medicals

Driving Licence (Photo card) Form £50
Elderly Driver Fitness Certificate no exam £50
Elderly Driver Fitness Certificate with brief exam £65
Elderly Driver Fitness Certificate with full exam £130


Unspecified Letter fee e.g. "to whom it may concern.." £45
Respite Admission - printout of Medical Records No Charge
Insurance Report (Life insurance etc) £110
Targeted Report (TGR) £50
Private Health Insurance Claim Form (BUPA PPP etc) £50
School Fees Insurance Claim Form £50
Pre acceptance medical form for BUPA/PPP etc £50
Copies for patient from computer records = printout No Charge
Viewing written/computerised records No Charge
Pre-employment medical questionnaire (if payable) £85

Legal/Power of Attorney etc

Power of Attorney Form (confirming competence) £80
Mental Capacity no examination (COP3 same fee) £65
Mental Capacity with examination (COP3 same fee) £120
Brief extract record for patient for other reasons No Charge


Revised 20/4/22