Chronic Pain

Pain Management service

As a Pain Specialist Physiotherapist our aim is to help people cope with the challenges and difficulties that living with chronic pain brings.  We do this by facilitating and helping the individual to put into practice a range of self-help strategies.  The aim is to help reduce the distress and disability that pain causes and help you achieve your goal.

What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is pain which lasts for six months or more.  For many people it has a wide impact on their life, affecting work, family life, social life, relationships and hobbies.  It can be hard to understand, confusing and difficult to manage.  Unfortunately medical approaches, (e.g. injections and medication) do not always work. 

What do we offer?

An initial consultation with a Pain Specialist Physiotherapist at Moatfield Surgery.  At the assessment we will discuss your pain, the impact it has on your life and your current coping strategies, including medication.  Any concerns you have relating to your pain and what a good outcome for you would look like, will also be discussed.

Together we will discuss the options moving forward.  We work closely with the GPs, clinical pharmacist, IAPT and well-being services.  We offer 1:1 follow up sessions or you may be offered a place on our pain management programme.  

Self-management options

There are many steps that you can take at home to manage your symptoms e.g. pacing, relaxation and mindfulness.  The following resources contain written information, leaflets, videos and interactive tasks to help you manage your pain independently at home.

A good first step is to watch this video ‘Understanding Pain in less than 5 minutes and what to do about it’ 


Online self-management courses:

10 Footsteps – a self-management course online. My Live Well with Pain

12 tools to help with self-management. Pain Toolkit 


Information sheets, workbooks and apps:

Turning down the volume on pain booklet. Body logic

My Live Well with Pain: Leaflets, videos and workbooks 

Pain Toolkit: Self-management videos and interactive tasks

Headspace app: Meditation and sleep made simple. 

Managing pain at home. 


Interactive café:

Interactive café. Pain Toolkit.  Join other people with long term pain for a cup of coffee and a chat

Physiotherapy Self  Referrals

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