Chronic Pain

What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic or persistent pain is pain that carries on for longer than 12 weeks despite treatment or medication.


Types of Chronic Pain


The most effective pain management treatment uses a combination of the 4P's: prevention, psychological, physical, and pharmaceutical

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Resources for further help 


What will we do to help?

An initial consultation with a Pain Specialist Physiotherapist at Moatfield Surgery.  At the assessment, we will discuss your pain, the impact it has on your life and your current coping strategies, including medication.  Any concerns you have relating to your pain and what a good outcome for you would look like will also be discussed.

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Together we will discuss the options moving forward.  We work closely with the GPs, clinical pharmacist, psychological therapy and well-being services.  We offer 1:1 follow up sessions or you may be offered a place on our pain management programme.  



How can I help myself?


  • Planning your day - Make a plan of things to do and places to be to help you keep on top of your pain.
  • Pacing yourself - Don’t push through the ongoing pain, take a break before it gets worse then go back to whatever you were doing after some downtime. 
  • Relax - Relaxing can be hard when you have pain but meditation and mindfulness can help distract you from the pain
  • Doing Exercise - This will help keep your joints and muscles strong as well as easing the pain. 
  • Medicine - Although this can be helpful temporarily, it is a good idea to avoid it where possible as it is very easy to become reliant on them. 
  • Build a support network - Make sure to inform family and friends of your struggles. 
  • Enjoyment - Doing activities that help boost your seratonin which is known as the happy chemical can help deal with the pain. 


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A good first step to helping yourself is to watch this video ‘Understanding Pain in Less than 5 Minutes and What to do About it


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