Kidney Impairment or Disease Information

Our goal is to help you to manage your condition well and to minimise the impact of the condition on your long-term health 
Kidney function will sometimes decline age. This will sometimes be modest or much more significant. Some conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and some medications can reduce kidney function and cause kidney disease. Other people will have a specific kidney disease. Your GP may have recorded a condition code of Chronic Kidney Disease which helps us to ensure we monitor any risks around kidney function and prescribe medications taking this risk into account.
It is important to look after your own health and wellbeing, including having a healthy diet, exercising regularly, stopping smoking and drinking less alcohol and, where needed, taking medication consistently.
Above all, being as informed as possible, often sharing experiences with others and building healthy daily routines makes the biggest difference.


You’ve just been diagnosed with kidney disease


Your care plan:

Here is a link to the downloadable care plan, which can help you manage your kidney disease


What is kidney disease



What to do when you are sick:

SADMANS - Medicine sick day rules


Blood pressure and kidney disease

Blood pressure  - see our web-page on high blood pressure and the ideal blood pressure to maintain when you have kidney disease.


General Kidney Disease Information

Support and services
Exercise and keeping fit