Diabetes Type 2 Information

Diabetes is not just about sugar. More and more people are taking the lead in controlling their diabetes by improving their overall health and well-being. 

These include taking more exercise, having a healthier and low-carbohydrate diet, achieving a healthy weight, stopping smoking and drinking less alcohol and, where needed, taking medication consistently. 

Above all, being as informed as possible, often sharing experiences with others and building healthy daily routines makes the biggest difference. 

Diabetes is really a cardiovascular condition that affects the heart, kidneys, brain, eyes, circulation, sexual function and many other parts of your body. 



Risk factors and Your Diabetes Care

 As part of your annual diabetes care, we look at your blood pressure, body mass index (based on your weight and height), cholesterol, average blood sugar results, kidney function and urine results

Even if your blood pressure has not been a problem, we would encourage you to obtain a blood pressure monitor and keep regular readings at home, as even slightly raised blood pressure is a strong additional risk factor for heart disease, strokes and kidney disease.


Checking your feet

It is important to check your feet for sensitivity. Diabetes can cause damage to your nerves - nerves carry messages between the brain and different parts of your body, and let you know when you are in pain. If you have diabetes and lose feeling in your feet, you might not know when you've been hurt, which could lead to infections, ulcers or even amputation if not treated quickly. 




Cholesterol is the name for the fat that is found in our blood. It can also be called lipids. 

It is important to maintain a healthy level of cholesterol for your cells to function. For some people, it can be enough to eat well and excercise, but others may be offered medication such as statins to keep their cholesterol in check. 


Blood Pressure

It is important to know your blood pressure, as people with diabetes and high blood pressure are more at risk of having a heart attack or stroke. 

We have lots of information about what blood pressure is, and how to look after it on our hypertension page

Diabetes and blood pressure


Healthy Eating

It is important to eat a healthy, balanced diet in order to give your body all the nutrients it needs in order to maintain good inner health, so we have put together lots of healthy eating resources, including links to Diabetic Recipe Books, on our Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Page.


Injections for Diabetes




General Diabetes Information

Leaflets and Guides for controlling your diabetes. 



Last Updated 18/12/2023