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updated at 05:11pm on 18/03/2022

by Anonymous

Helpful reception staff

I was able to book in easily for a telephone appointment with a GP and for cervical screening with a nurse. The receptionist was very helpful. The GPs have been very good when I have spoken to them in recent months.

Visited in October 2020, Posted on 20 October 2020

by Anonymous

Great service from the medical staff , BUT

I had an upsetting experience when I was trying to seek advice from my GP. I was redirected to booking appointments and I don't know who answered the phone. The person did not give her name or job position. I took a while trying to describe my health problem to which the person responded : What? Then when I repeated she again said What? She was annoyed and could not find the repeating problem in my file. Eventually she did and offered a phone call back. I just thought that a person who is rude and snaps at patients , annoyed that can't understand or find information which actually was there possibly should undertake some training or chose a profession which doesn't require skills that the person obviously lacks.
On a positive note I have received a brilliant service from the GP. I felt safe in a good environment with all aspects present to protect against COvid 19. I was listened to and everything was explained to me and I know what to expect in the future. I am really pleased and I have trust in GPs from this practise.

Visited in July 2020, Posted on 17 July 2020

by Anonymous gave Dr Jh Clarke And Partners a rating of 5 stars


Thank you to the doctor for the care and attention this week with my BP! I feel reassured and much happier and relaxed. Taking your advice. Thanks also to the person on reception, such a warm person. I feel very cared for. Big thanks to both. Kindest regards. P.S. having a relaxing facial tomorrow!

Visited in August 2017, Posted on 18 August 2017

by Anonymous gave Dr Jh Clarke And Partners a rating of 5 stars

my mum's hernia

On the Monday before Christmas my mother was experiencing considerable pain. We phoned the surgery and her GP agreed to see her that day. When the doctor examined her they diagnosed a hernia and referred us to the hospital where my mother underwent a hernia operation that night. I have been extremely impressed with the response of the GP practice and my mother's doctor in particular. They always get back to my mum and treats her with empathy. The reception staff are patient and helpful and the close relationship with the pharmacy means that things work with great efficiency. Thank-you for your professionalism and for going the extra mile in extremely difficult circumstances.

Visited in January 2017, Posted on 17 January 2017