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updated at 03:23pm on 15/01/2024


by Anonymous

Brilliant service

At a time when so many people seem to have difficulties in promptly accessing GP care, and when services are under so much pressure, I wanted to record how impressed I am with this practice. My mum’s not too well at the moment and both the reception team and the duty GP have been absolutely brilliant, making sure she had emergency callbacks and just generally being so kind. You’re rarely at your best when you need to see a GP, and it’s so reassuring to know that this team really will go the extra mile; they’re brilliant.

Visited in November 2023, Posted on 11 November 2023

by Anonymous

First impressions are that is a very good Practice

I have just moved into the area but on attending the Practice to register, I was welcomed by friendly and efficient Patient Services Staff who were extremely helpful and knowledgeable.
The appointment system seems to be very reasonable compared to the reputation of some Practices, and caters for a variety of patient needs.

Visited in November 2023, Posted on 09 November 2023

by Anonymous

Helpful reception staff

I was able to book in easily for a telephone appointment with a GP and for cervical screening with a nurse. The receptionist was very helpful. The GPs have been very good when I have spoken to them in recent months.

Visited in October 2020, Posted on 20 October 2020

by Anonymous

Great service from the medical staff , BUT

I had an upsetting experience when I was trying to seek advice from my GP. I was redirected to booking appointments and I don't know who answered the phone. The person did not give her name or job position. I took a while trying to describe my health problem to which the person responded : What? Then when I repeated she again said What? She was annoyed and could not find the repeating problem in my file. Eventually she did and offered a phone call back. I just thought that a person who is rude and snaps at patients , annoyed that can't understand or find information which actually was there possibly should undertake some training or chose a profession which doesn't require skills that the person obviously lacks.
On a positive note I have received a brilliant service from the GP. I felt safe in a good environment with all aspects present to protect against COvid 19. I was listened to and everything was explained to me and I know what to expect in the future. I am really pleased and I have trust in GPs from this practise.

Visited in July 2020, Posted on 17 July 2020