Teens - Mobiles / Online

Did you know that we can text you, to remind you about appointments?

Revision, essays, feeding your homework to the dog, that cinema trip next week… We get that your life is busy! If you want, we can send a little reminder to your phone 24 hours before your appointment. Just let us know your mobile number and we can put it on your records.

If your Mum or Dad has given us their mobile number for your records, they will be the ones who get the text reminder… so it’s worth making sure we have your number on your records!

Also, if you have conditions like Asthma, we’ll send you a text around September/October, letting you know that we have the flu vaccinations in, and when our appointments are.

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You can also book/cancel your appointments and order your medication online...

Did you know you can book and cancel appointments, view test results and order your medications even when the surgery is closed, straight from your phone or computer!




Last Updated 15/08/2023