Are you a Young Carer, or do you know one? We can help you.


There are an estimate of 700,000 young carers in the UK.

Over 13,000 care for over 50 hours per week.

Young carers may look after relatives with a range of issues, including mental or physical illness, disability or alcohol or substance misuse. They help by cooking, shopping, cleaning talking to distressed family or friends, managing money and prescriptions and by helping the distressed family or friends to communicate with others (such as the local GP or care worker).

The average age of a young carer is 12.

The lives of young carers are in some way restricted because of the need to take responsibility for the care of a person. This may interfere with social life and other activities that other young people have access to, like sports, dance classes not available

Almost  1/3 of young carers have educational difficulties. Many young carers miss days off school to care for someone. Some leave school with no qualifications. Most experience bullying and isolation from their peers. Many struggle with stress and depression, however many also enjoy their roles and get great fulfilment from it.


What can we do?

We can direct you  to help and also flag on your notes that you are a Young Carer, and support you by providing flexible appointments.


  • You can self refer to the West Sussex Young Carers group which provides support.

 Young Carers West Sussex website

 Young Carers West Sussex leaflet

They provide local groups foryoung carers, information and support.


  • If you live in Surrey there is a similar organisation

 Young Carers Surrey website


  • Young Minds also provides support and information.

 Young Minds website


  •  Local schools have Carer leads and you can approach them for discrete support.



Want to find out more about Young Carers?

These links will take you to short films about Young Carers




Still not sure if you are a Young Carer? Try our quiz; if you answer yes to any of the questions, you are.


  • Do you spend a lot of time helping someone close to you?  Maybe a brother, sister, parent or grandparent?  YES/NO
  • Do you think that you have to stay at home more than other children or young people your age to be there for and help look after your relatives?  YES/NO
  • Do you find that your family members talk to you a lot and you listen when they are worried, stressed out or anxious?  We call this “emotional support”
  • Do you sometimes have to help someone get up, washed or dressed?  YES/NO
  • Do you do lots of household chores?  At least more than other people your same age?  YES/NO
  • Do you help a lot with shopping, cleaning and cooking for your family?  Even doing it a lot yourself?
  • Do you spend a lot of time looking after your younger brother or sister because their illness or disability or because of your parent(s) illness or disability?  YES/NO

If you have answered YES to any of these questions you might be a young carer or young adult carer and up to now have just never thought about it!