List of Medicines...

...cheaper in pharmacy than on prescription.

This page is currently under review as some of the information on this page may be out of date or no longer accurate.  

Have you considered seeking advice from your pharmacist before making an appointment with the surgery?

Pharmacists spend 5 years training in all aspects of medicines before they graduate with their pharmacy degree. They are considered to be experts on medicines and are generally an untapped resource on the high street and they are always happy to see you  - WITHOUT THE NEED FOR AN APPOINTMENT. If you need advice about your tablets or if you have a minor ailment, you might consider popping in to your local branch as a first port of call. 


Did you know that several common medicines are cheaper to buy at the pharmacy than if bought with a prescription?

The cost of a prescription per one item is £9.65.

Click on the link below and this will give you a list of items that generally cost less to buy without a prescription.

Items cheaper in a Pharmacy