Missed Appointments

Failure To Attend Appointment Procedure
(DNAs - did not attend)

A significant amount of time is invested at this surgery to create an appointment system that will adequately manage supply and demand.  All factors including doctors training, annual leave and known “higher demand times” eg winter and after bank holidays are taken into account.

Failure to attend NHS doctor and nurse appointments is serious time-wasting of expensive resources.

This practice actively manages patients who persistently fail to attend an appointment and in some cases will take steps to de-register a patient.

It is a myth that doctor and nurse time is not affected.

It is common for patients who fail to attend, to then request a further appointment within 48 hours – busying appointment system and reception further, directly affecting the care of fellow patients. 

Staff are instructed to take the following steps:


Doctors & Nurses Appointments

First missed appointment – recorded on computer system as Did Not Attend. 

If a patient rings to cancel an appointment within 15 minutes of appointment time, this will still be recorded as Did Not Attend. A letter will be sent advising of our policy.

Second Missed Appointment - recorded on computer as Did Not Attend.

Letter sent to patients registered address advising details of two missed appointments and advising a 3rd missed appointment may result in de-registration.

Third missed appointment (within 12 month period) - recorded on computer as Did Not Attend.

Final letter sent advising of de-registration or requesting a meeting with the registered GP and/or Practice Manager to discuss consequences.

Appeals - please be advised the practice will always respond to reasonable appeals and valid reasons.